A Simple Refresh

You may or may not have noticed a slight refresh on the Bernice London logo recently. It was needing a little tweaky-tweak... and it appears the time was right as I finally feel at peace with the new look. 

The History / Having been a graphic designer for about 15 years of my adult life, I have been seeking this change for quite some time. Over the past 9 years of BL being a side-gig and now my full-time career, the logo has been through a lot of changes. Nothing ever felt right until now. Perhaps I needed to hire another designer to create it, but then it wouldn't have been a part of me just as my art is.
The Process / The BL logo has always been a hand-drawn logo... to keep in liking with the one-of-a-kind pieces I make. I draw it like a signature in my sketchbook, then use Adobe Capture to help vectorize as I take it into Illustrator and tweak. I also wanted to keep it simple and updated the palette a tad by taking what once was a beige, to a slightly lighter off white to mix with black. I often use b&w in my packaging as well as most marketing collateral whether its story cards, hang tags or email campaigns. I love the basic palette it gives to let the colorful pieces of my work shine through. I have recently discovered the term, Modern Bohemian, which is exactly what BL is all about. Classic yet eclectic with that hint of misfit vibes. 



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