The 3 Sisters Commission / Part 1

When current stockist, Tammy from Zoe's Attic in Charlotte Hall, MD, also became a friend, she reached out to me, in trust with her Dad's leather jacket, to create a bag she could use and cherish after his passing last Thanksgiving. Her two half sisters, who share the same dad also wanted something of his to remember him by, but they also had their mom's leather jacket to be used as well. So, I had these two awesome vintage leather jackets to create lasting and tangible bags to remember them by. Humbling for sure.

When I asked for more info on their style preferences, they each combed through my catalog (which can mostly be found on Pinterest, FB and Insta) and gave me amazing feedback on their likes and personalities, yet ultimately giving me creative freedom to do what I do by adding all the rustic bits and textures as well as infusing some newer leather to make up for the main compartments since most leather jackets, when removed from their lining, were made from super thin garment leather. 

For this first of 3 blog posts, I am sharing the bag I made just for Tammy. This one was the most challenging due to the shape and size she wanted. I usually made more elongated, vertical bags, but she wanted a super wide and shallow bag so she wouldn't have to dig around for things. 18" wide by 8" tall to be exact, with a flap. After some challenges in how to do the strap, flap and a few technical issues while creating the side gussets, the bag ended up being 16.5" wide by about 9" tall. The challenge was to make sure it was structured enough to not spill out all of the contents when the flap was opened or closed. It's definitely a slouchy style and in the end, it appears structured enough to work well for her. Hope you enjoy the transformation photos!


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