Who is Bernice London anyway?

I find it fitting to only present my first blog post as the obligatory introduction. Having just read a quick interview via Creative Mornings with Jocelyn K. Glei, the author of Unsubscribe and Hurry Slowly podcast creator and host, I was compelled to make the move of owning my content and start this blog. Finally. It's not to say my social media accounts are going anywhere, but, it's just time to make some real changes. So, here we go!

Beth or Bernice // Most likely you know me because you're family, we went to school together at some point, met in passing along this journey of life in one town or another or you saw my goods at a festival. If you know me, you call me Beth. If you don't, you call me Bernice. I kinda like this anonymity of sorts.

The Name // Bernice London is a blend of family names. Bernice was my maternal great grandmother and London was my paternal grandfather's middle name. Years ago when I found myself in the midst of a divorce and looking at having to change my name... I wondered who am I anyway? I'm not this married name and I am also not my maiden name. And I'm certainly not Madonna so I can't just go by simply Beth. So, whilst trying to decide if I wanted to change my middle name, I simply renamed my (at the time) side gig Dryden's Loft, to Bernice London.

The Truth // A name originally made in honor of roots and family but that now, 9 years later, has also become synonymous with eclectic passion, detailed craftsmanship, and one-of-a-kind functional art made with beautiful misfit pieces of leather. A journey of rediscovered God-given creativity for making accessories. Hope you join the ride with me ~

Cheers + love, B.

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