Bernice London

The BJ Tan Leather Backpack

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One-of-a-kind, limited edition, tan leather backpack highlighting rustic features and textures like branding stamps (numbers) and rough edges. Featuring 2 pockets and one large main compartment along with adjustable back straps.

I was able to fit my 13" MacBook inside the main compartment with room to still carry other items. The straps have been reinforced to help with some of the weight distribution and the main flap can be closed with a leather tab closure. Also featuring a small carry handle at the top. Stitching colors are aqua green, light aqua blue, earthy coral and deep chocolate brown. There is no metal on this piece which is somewhat of a BL signature feature.

Dimensions // 
The main compartment is 12.5" long x 10.5" wide with a bit of a half inch gusset. 
Front under flap pocket is 8.25" long x 6" wide and inside pocket is 6.25" wide x 5" long.

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BJ (Benjamin) was my dad's grandfather whom I never got to meet, but wish I had. He raised my dad mostly in Waycross, GA and was a hard worker which has been something that runs through my family and one character trait I'm proud to own.