Bernice London

The Mary Ann Square Leather Bag

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The Mary Ann square gusset bag is a classic style bag, yet it still has one-of-a-kind character to each piece depending on the markings and rough edges from each hide.

This bag comes in two sizes, 8" x 8" or 10" x 10" with an inch gusset and adjustable straps that tie on the sides. It also features a cell phone pocket under the flap. As throughout the Bernice London brand, each piece is hand cut, hand punched, hand stitched and no metals are used unless it was on a previous piece that is being upcycled.

Currently, it comes in two colors, but more will be added soon. Gray, Black, and Rust are colors that are not currently available. Should you need anything specific, please reach out!

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The Mary Ann Square Gusset is named after my mom's mom and my g-ma! She was Bernice and Burton's only daughter. I loved her very much. She loved shopping and handbags which is perhaps where I caught the accessory bug. She had a beautiful gingko tree in her front yard that would turn a bright beautiful yellow in the fall... the gingko leaf is often seen throughout my work as part of my logo/mark.