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Margaret Circle Clutch

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The Margaret Circle Clutch is NEW and folks are loving it! It's structured, functional and comes with bag flair letting allowing it to bask in its one-of-a-kind, eclecticism. 

I am trying something new with these as far as color schemes go so it will hopefully be easier for you to order. The leather colors are fairly neutral and will offer somewhat of a blank canvas for any theme. Leathers are light rustic brown, chocolate, and black. The themed palettes will come through in the stitch colors and colors within the bag flair. All are based on nature, places, or even retro fashion. If you have a particular place, butterfly, flower or exotic fruit in mind, please reach out here to customize your color scheme. 

Current Offerings unless you customize your own // 
Desert Bloom / Based on the desert cactus blooms 
Ocean Bliss / Based on all the blues, greens and neutrals of sand and sea
Turquoise Dreams / Based on the beautiful stone and 70s Stevie Nicks vibes
80s Neon / Fun, vibrant, funky and sometimes glossy
Grunge / Moody, textured, rustic

- Pics of all coming soon as I begin to make them, however, they are somewhat self-explanatory :) 

These will also be made in a thicker leather for more structure and are offered in 9.75" or 12" diameters. It is still a minimalistic clutch bag with a small gusset (1"-2") and not meant to be overstuffed but will accommodate a little more than my usual flat bag. If you require a tab closure of some sort, please let me know so I can accommodate it.