Bernice London

The London Laptop Sleeve

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The London leather laptop sleeve is made from super soft, portobello mushroom brown leather that is full of amazing textures and even a brand stamp. Overall has a southwest, western boho vibe yet it is still somewhat minimalistic. Partially made of upcycled leather scraps. Features a tab closure for easy opening and closing. All stitched in beeswaxed thread.

This sleeve fits my 13" MacBook Pro with a little room to give if you need to throw in a notepad or another laptop that is slightly larger. Overall dimensions are roughly 13" wide by 9.5" tall. The thickness will hold something around .5". 

There is only one of these, however, I can make something custom if you are looking for specific size or colors. Please email me here.

*Laptop and other accessories not included. BL Key Fobs are available here