The Bernice | Kodiak Brown Cross Body

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This brown cross body has some heart and soul in it. The front and back pieces were created by stitching smaller scraps together until the desired shape came about. I love this purse, but it definitely has a misfit vibe. Perhaps steampunk over the usual boho look that my bags usually resemble. The leather is superior though. This leather is 100% Kodiak oil tanned leather. It has a heavy feel to it... more in a sense of quality than actual weight. It's also a bit oily feeling so I would be careful wearing it with lighter clothing until you can see how it wears. Great for use in the elements too. This type of leather only gets better with age and use and is very sturdy. It has an open compartment, perfect for a slim wallet, iPhone, lip pencil, other small and flat items. Features a closure tab to keep everything secure. The strap is stitched together and made of the same brown leather. I left some of the rustic edgings so there are some curves and imperfect line to it.

Overall dimensions are at it's widest, 9.5" and 6.5" tall. The strap is about 24" long. If you need a custom item, please email me. Thanks for supporting handmade!

The Bernice cross body or going out purse is named after my great grandmother and is, in conjunction with my grandfather London, the company's namesake. She was a WWI nurse, a loving wife, mom and an all around kind and gentle soul.