The Bernice | Semi Circle, Tan Leather Cross Body

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Semi circle cross body bag with front pocket. This leather has beautiful rustic markings on the flap especially. The bag is medium in size roughly measuring 7.75" x 9" at its widest. The front pocket under the flap is 4.25" x 6 at its widest. This bag is super organic in shape size so there will be wider points and smaller points when measuring length and width. The strap is leather and is adjustable by tying new knots with the side tassels. The tan leather is beautifully accented with colors of olive, teal and deep blue slate. 


The Bernice cross body or going out purse is named after my great grandmother and is, in conjunction with my grandfather London, the company's namesake. She was a WWI nurse, a loving wife and mom and an all around kind and gentle soul. I wish I had had more time to get to know her better. One of her many sayings was, "Stitch on Sunday, rip on Monday" and is why I never make anything on Sunday. Cheers Great G-Ma!