The Margaret | Rectangle, Minimalistic Clutch

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The actual bag pictured in this photo has been sold, but I can always make another one (or more) just like it as far as shape and size goes. The textures, markings and raw edged shaped will always be different but just as unique as this piece. If you have specific requests for leather or stitching color, please contact me.

Lovely light blue and orange minimalistic clutch is fabulous. Simple, yet makes a statement. Measures roughly 5" by 11" allowing for a phone, lip pencil, slim wallet and a key. 

- - -

The Margaret clutch is named after my mom's sister, my Aunt Margaret. She was a wonderful mom, an artist in her own right as a talented painter and she also loved and cared for animals while helping my Uncles at their vet practice in Camilla, Georgia. She is terribly missed.