The Mary Ann | Reddish Tan Shoulder Bag

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This shoulder bag is very fun and larger than most I've done in the past. It's made out of a reddish/tan leather and stitched in thick leather piece as well as a gold waxed thread. Two pockets on the front, one will fit a cell and the other small coins or other tiny things. I almost couldn't part with this one... it's a bit stiff but over time the leather will soften up nicely.

10"tall with an extra 4" of ragged leather edging x 11.5" wide and the strap is 36" long but you can always tie it up.

The Mary Ann shoulder bag is named after my wonderful g-ma. She was a loving wife, mom and grandmother and in her heyday, was an image of classic style and grace. She loved her handbags as much as I do... guess that's where I got it from. Grandma was spunky, loved playing cards and her Chicago Cubs baseball. The beautiful gingko tree that sat in her front yard is what inspired the ginkgo symbol for the Bernice London brand - known for it's profound endurance and beautiful yellow leaves in the fall.