The Mary Ann | Square Gusset Shoulder Bag

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The actual bags pictured in these photos have been sold, but I can always make another one (or more) just like it as far as shape and size goes. The textures, markings and raw edged shaped will always be different but just as unique as this piece. If you have specific requests for leather or stitching color, please contact me.

This gray bag is minimal raw edges and markings as it was made from a full hide and not from scraps like I usually make. I added a cell phone pocket underneath the front flap... that fits an iPhone 7 with about 1" on either side... so perhaps a slightly larger phone will fit as well. See dimensions below. There also is a very large pocket in the main compartment measuring 8” x 8”. I wanted to keep this bag as minimalistic as possible. It has a clean line to it, even with the rough edging, and is stitched with leather strips and some basic thread stitching in gray. Flap can be used out or tucked in. 

Dimensions: Roughly 10.5" long, 11” wide and 1 1/4” gusset. The strap measures roughly 18" from shoulder to top of the bag. 

If this bag isn't quite for you, why not have a custom one made

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The Mary Ann shoulder bag is named after my wonderful g-ma. She was a loving wife, mom and grandmother and in her heyday, was an image of classic style and grace. She loved her handbags as much as I do... guess that's where I got it from. Grandma was spunky, loved playing cards and her Chicago Cubs baseball. The beautiful gingko tree that sat in her front yard is what inspired the ginkgo symbol for the Bernice London brand - known for it's profound endurance and beautiful yellow leaves in the fall.